Sunday, December 8, 2019

All Creation Cries Out
“Justice and Peace”

a band around his waist,
Faithfulness, a belt upon his hips.
The wolf a guest of the lamb
The leopard lies down with a kid
The calf and lion browse together
The cow and bear are neighbors
A baby plays by the cobra’s den…

                               Isaiah 11:1-10

Justice shall flourish in his time,

And faithfulness of peace forever.

The Advent Readings are full of images and symbols that demands of us to prepare for the Birth of the Prince of Peace by doing justice and being peace in our lives. Justice and Peace are the Light of Christ coming into the world to permeate the nations of the world, our neighborhoods, places of work, families and personal lives.  Darkness has increased in the world and in our lives but the image of the Kingdom of God is described by the Prophet Isaiah as, ‘the wolf becomes the guest of the lamb; the leopard lies down with a kid; the calf and lion browse together; the cow and bear become neighbors; and a baby plays by the cobra’s den.’

 During this second week of Advent we light two candles and pray that  the fullness of light, the Prince of Peace will appear at Christmas and become Manifested to all nations during the celebration of Epiphany.

How will we Prepare and Celebrate? 

Read the Word of God, especially the Prophet Isaiah and the Gospel Passages of the Birth of Christ.
Foster relationships of justice and peace in your life.
Practice justice.  Be peace.
Support organizations that foster justice and peace.
Welcome, (act justly towards) the strangers you meet each day.
Recite many times a day the mantra, Come, O Prince of Peace, Come!

Come,  O Prince of Peace,  Come

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