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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

LCWR April 24 Standing Against Racism

We pledge to go deeper into the critical work of creating communion, examining the root causes of injustice and our own complicity, and purging ourselves, our communities, and our country of the sin of racism and its destructive effects. – 2018 LCWR Assembly

Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth Day 2019: Protect Our Species

Celebrating The Oneness of Life

Prayer of Stewardship
        God of all Creation,

         At the beginning of time
         You placed a single mandate on humankind
         To be stewards of Creation
         To replenish and nurture all generations
         What you have made
         We kneel today amid that same Creation-
         A world that is, in many ways, more splendid than ever
         But, in too many ways, scarred beyond recognition
         Turn us from our unmindfulness
         Help our tough be light
         Help us renew the worlds that supports us
         So we may once more know Creation
         As it was in the beginning
Earth Day 2019: Protect Our Species


Earth Day Activities and Ideas


Celebrate Earth Day by appreciating and respecting the natural world. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

·       Plant wildflowers! Read our article on native wildflowers.
·    Go native! Plants thrive best when they’re natural to your area. See our article on native plant landscaping and 10 tips for an eco-friendly garden.
·    Bring nature into the garden with plants that attract butterflies and plants that attract hummingbirds!
·    Invite native bees to your garden. These are the bees that pollinate your plants for more flowers and food! Perhaps add a native bee house to your backyard.