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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cluny Spirit in Action-Millecent

Millecent Borgarding


Our Spirit in Action
Cluny Associate, Millicent Borgarding,   joins in our mission to
                         Go out to all the world and
                         announce the Good  News. 
                                      (Matt 28).
                      Here's her story.

As an Associate, I want, like Blessed Anne Marie to “do a little bit of good.” One way I do this is as a volunteer panelist in the Neighborhood Justice Program of Los Angeles. 
         First-time offenders who have committed a misdemeanor have an opportunity to avoid going through the criminal justice system.
         This program provides opportunities for individuals to succeed without suffering the negative consequences of having a criminal charge levied against them. It also aims at restoring and healing the relationships harmed through the wrongdoer’s actions.
         Every participant I have encountered has been truly grateful for the program and the process. Each has left the panel session with the positive ‘I- am- going-to-make-this-program-work’ attitude.
Millicent Borgarding