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Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 15th Happy & Blessed Feast Day!

August 15th Happy & Blessed Feast Day!

Sister Claire Houareau, SJC, Superior General with Cluny School Students

Each year the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny celebrate the feast of our Superior General on 15th August, the feast of the Assumption of Mary, because the Virgin Mary has been named the ‘Perpetual’ Superior General of the congregation.

Dear Sister Claire, the sisters of the Province of the USA & Canada join with our Cluny Sisters around the world in wishing you a blessed and joyous feast day.  Much gratitude for your visit to the province in March.  Joyous memories and love.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LCWR Assembly: Embracing the Mystery: Living Transformation

Embracing the Mystery: Living Transformation
Atlanta, Georgia   August 9 — 12, 2016

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious National Assembly convenes in Atlanta this week. The religious womens’ gathered leadership will be discussing the future of religious life. However, for the first time at an LCWR national assembly, a contemplative dialogue will be the primary vehicle for this discussion.

A Space to Be in Communion
With the World

A hope during this assembly is to intentionally focus the energy and prayer of the assembly in ways that places all in deeper communion with the world, especially the places of great suffering and pain.

Contemplative Dialogue

Contemplative dialogue is a process through which people in a conversation intentionally set aside their biases in order to listen to others and to what others trigger emotionally in themselves.  This isn't new to LCWR or to Catholic sisters but this Assembly will have a unique feature with the presence of Liz Sweeney, SSJ. Liz hopes to serve the assembly as a listener, reflector, and guide, helping members to be intentional about listening to the movement of God as it affects each one personally and flows among us as a communal body. This process of deep, self-emptied listening may allow for the emergence of greater wisdom, intimacy, and receptivity as we attend to what Spirit wants to bring forth through us right now. Liz will set a context for these processes through a presentation on ‘Fostering the Evolution of Love’.

Two Keynote Addresses

Finding Ground in The Age of Groundlessness
Keynote Address on Wednesday by Dr. Margaret (Meg) Wheatley

The external world will continue to challenge us with crises, suffering, and the deterioration of our best human qualities. Yet we can cultivate our faith and devotion to stay engaged with the world and persevere. In times of groundlessness, it is the ground of being that gives us the ability to continue doing our work with confidence and steadfastness. After many years of learning about the workings of chaos from a scientific perspective, Meg will speak to her personal experiences of placing contemplation at the center of her life, discovering the source of inner peace and clarity that gives her the capacity to serve as we humans transit through this harsh and difficult time.

Leading from the Allure of Holy Mystery: Contemplation and Transformation Keynote Address on Thursday by Pat Farrell, OSF

The privileged work of congregational leadership allows us to focus daily energy on issues related to our evolving identity as women religious.  We lead from within, even as we attend to the increasing complexities of a suffering world. There is movement, energy, and direction available to us when we lead from our own deepest desires and authentic impulses.  Contemplation aligns us with that flow of divine wisdom and love that equips us to sustain the transformation to which we are being called. Pat will speak of the urgency of that call for our times and of her learnings in trying to exercise congregational and national leadership from a contemplative space.

Being in Communion With the World

Each day’s prayer will focus on Being in Communion With the World. The suggested focus for prayer each day is based on the areas of concern named in the LCWR Call for 2015-2022.  To view this LCWR Call, go to

Tuesday - Be mindful of the violence of all kinds that lives in hearts and afflicts the world, especially on this 61st anniversary of the bombing Nagasaki.

Wednesday - Be mindful of all those people who are on the move, forced from their homes and their families.

Thursday - Be mindful of all the ways we impoverish Earth and its people.