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Monday, September 21, 2015

Stop Trafficking! August and September 2015 Newsletters

August 2015

Awareness  : 
  • 2015 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report
  • Criticism of TIP 2015
  • Victims of Exploitation (Personal stories from various countries)
  • The Link Between Extractive Industries and Sex Trafficking
  • Modern Slavery as a Tactic in Armed Conflicts
  • United States Self-Critique
  • Global Call to Amnesty International: Do NOT Legalize Pimps, Brothel Owners and 'Johns'

Advocacy    : 
  • 2015 TIP Report Tier Placement
  • TIP Heroes

Action         :
  • Educational Video on Human Trafficking
  • Progress Report from the Office of Victims of Crime

Click here for the August Stop Trafficking! Newsletter

September 2015

Awareness  : Demand for Services: Exploitation and Trafficking

  • U.S. Sales Crews
  • 'I Didn't Know'
  • 'Human Harvest'
  • Hospital 'Laundering'
  • Medical Professionals & Human Trafficking
  • 'Soft'Core' Porn and a Child's Brain
  • September Summit: Fighting Sexploitation
  • Clothing Industry: Argentinian Sweatshops
  • Film: 'The True Cost"
Advocacy    : 
  • Polaris Advocacy for Victims of "Sales Crew' Abuses
  • Lawyers' Role in the Fight Against Human Trafficking
  • Update on the 2015 'Dirty Dozen' List
Action         :
  • Polaris 'Sales Crew' Actions
  • Clothing Industry Actions
  • Ask Twitter to Change Course
  • #PornFreeWiFi
  • Dancing Lessons
  • Stop Putting Porn in Front of Kids!
  • Cosmopolitan Campaign

Click here for the September Stop Trafficking! Newsletter