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Saturday, February 29, 2020


Driven Into The Desert
Lent Week I

Jesus is led by the Spirit into the desert and is tempted by the devil.  Desert dryness and desert thirst.  A place of wilderness and danger.  A place of beauty, silence and peace.

With Jesus today we call upon the same Spirit to lead us in moments of questioning, darkness and wilderness.  In the desert we recognize our thirst and hunger to know and love our God more deeply, more completely.  Jesus is the Living Water and Bread of life.

 Daca Community Thirsts for Belonging

Facing the Future, Together
All are Members of our National Community
Together We
Pray, Fast and Give of our Time and Advocacy

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 Litany  for Week 1 "Temptation"

Holy God: in this season of Lenten fasting, we remember Christ
Who went out into the desert to fast and undergo temptation.
We confess that we are often distracted by material comforts
And tempted to value them above the Kingdom of God.
You, God, are our help in difficulty;
Christ is our inspiration. 
We confess that we do not live by bread or worldly provision alone,
But by every word that comes from Your mouth.
May we fill our mouths, our hearts, our minds now with your words,
That we might be transformed and renewed.
May we, with renewed hearts and minds,
Better serve the purposes of
Your kingdom.
May we, by setting aside worldly
Become more like Christ.
May we, with purified motives and
deeper understanding,
Receive Christ when He comes to us.
Lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.