Thursday, December 5, 2019

All The Earth In Silence Waits!

O come, Desire of nations,
Bind in one the hearts of humankind;
Bid ev’ry sad division cease
And be Yourself our Prince of Peace.
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Emmanuel shall come to you,
O Israel.


Ignite  The  Light  of  Christ
Prepare  The  Way

Advent is a time to prepare the way for the Birth of Christ and the Light of Christ to permeate the nations of the world, our neighborhoods, places of work, families and personal lives.  Darkness has increased in the world and in our lives at this time of the year.  During each week of Advent we light candles until the fullness of light appears at Christmas and is Manifested to all nations during the celebration of Epiphany.

How will we Prepare and Celebrate?   Opportunities abound all around us. 

Here are a few ideas:
Read the Word of God especially the Gospel Passages of the Birth of Christ.
Foster relationships with time for each other.
Add more light, joy and love to your homes, families, and friends.
Practice patience and waiting.
Find ways to be a joyful giver.
Welcome the strangers you meet each day.
Set up your Advent Wreathe, Lights in your windows and a Christmas Tree with an intentional prayer to add the light of Christ to our world.
Recite many times a day the mantra, Come, Lord Jesus, Come!


Come,  Lord  Jesus,  Come

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