Wednesday, March 7, 2018

National Catholic Sisters Week
Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, Province Chapter last October, 2018    

National Catholic Sisters Week is an annual celebration that began in 2014 to honor women religious with a series of events that instruct, enlighten, and bring greater focus on the lives of these incredible women. It’s a chance to recognize all that they do, with the hope that as more young women learn about women religious, more will choose to follow their example.

Prayer for National Catholic Sisters Week

Gracious and all-loving God, we thank you that You call us to be one with You and to be, in every way of life, doers of Your Word and not hearers only.

In this National Catholic Sisters Week, we celebrate women religious who consecrate their lives in poverty, celibacy and obedience.

We thank you for their character, courage and commitment to live in solidarity with those who live in poverty and suffer violence in everyday living.

Your love and grace inspire them.

Their joy and total generosity inspire us.

Together they form a “global sisterhood” whose network of prayer and ministry call all of us to broader and deeper understanding and communal responsibility for the common good of our Earth community.

May their powerful stories ignite the hearts of girls and women today to answer your call to live a life dedicated to the common good through living in community and sharing ministry.

May religious life abound in vitality so that the boundless power of your love and care will be known more and more throughout our world.

In every way of living we are all called to be poor in spirit, faithful in heart, and obedient to Your Love.

Strengthen in each of us a deeper commitment to our own calling, that all may be one with each other and with You.

We ask this in Jesus’ name and the power of the Holy Spirit.

To learn more about the Cluny Sisters go to the following websites:

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