Saturday, April 7, 2012



On this Easter Vigil night, we pierce the darkness with light, we tell our story, we bless water, we welcome new members, we break bread and drink from the cup ... but most of all we REJOICE! With ALLELUIA'S ringing throughout the world, we invite you to pray with us the intercessions and closing prayer of our Easter Liturgy of the Hours. (Taken from People's Companion to the Breviary, Vol. II, Carmelites of Indianapolis)

 Let us pray:

You broke the reign of death, O Christ and we are free! With joyful voice we proclaim:
     Glory and praise to you!

Redeemer of all, enlighten us who still walk in the shadow of death;
     - that with your new life we may conquer our addictions and prejudices.

Risen Savior, you appeared first to women, and sent them with the glad tidings;
     - free all women bound by traditions and cultures that inhibit their human development.

Hallowed Stranger, you appeared this evening to the disillusioned disciples on the road to Emmaus;
     - enkindle our hearts to recognize you in the unlikely circumstances of our lives.

Savior of the world, your message is peace in a world racked with violence;
      - teach us the way of non-violence toward all creation. 

Most merciful, loving God, you have been revealed in Christ Jesus as he rises to bring us the message of forgiveness and all-embracing love. May we who have passed with him from death to life in the mysteries we have celebrated, be signs of your life among us. We ask this through Jesus, our risen Savior.  Amen!

May the knowledge of the Risen Lord's love for you
gift you with a deep sense of HOPE.


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