Saturday, March 17, 2012

As we celebrate St. Patrick's Day today, we thank each of the Cluny Sisters who came from Ireland years ago to found the Province of USA and Canada. We thank each sister who continues her ministry here in the Province and we pray for those who have returned to their native homeland! May the words of the Song of St. Patrick by Marty Haugen be a blessing on each of them and on each of us!

May the Spirit of Christ be our hope through the day, 
Be our guard through the night, our companion on the way.

Christ be ever before us, 
Christ be ever behind us, 
Christ be ever within.

Christ upon our left hand watching, 
At our right hand guiding, 
Christ above, beneath us guarding,
Near to us abiding.

Christ be in each holy silence, 
Christ be in our speaking, 
Christ in ev’ry work we offer,
Ever in our seeking.

Let us be God’s light in the darkness,
Let us be God’s kindness,
Let us be God’s justice and mercy,
Hands and feet of Christ.

God Creator, bless and keep us,
Christ, be ever near us;
Spirit be the light before us,
Gentle be our pathway.

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