Monday, March 19, 2012

Do you know how we became
the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny?  

Blessed Anne Marie began and failed at a half dozen projects involving the care of orphans and the education of youth before finally tasting some success at Chalon in 1806. In gratitude, she decided to set up a chapel in her house. Here Mass could be celebrated. Having entered and left both the Sisters of Charity at Besançon and the Trappistine Monastery at Val Sainte and with her continued ties through the direction of the Monastery's Abbot, she chose St. Bernard as patron of the chapel. And so, when asked by the parish priest to what saint she wished to dedicate her chapel, Anne Marie replied, "To St. Bernard." He responded, "Why not St. Joseph? St. Teresa placed her first chapel under his patronage and my name is Joseph." At the mention of St. Teresa, Anne's mind was flooded with the memory of that night in Besançon, when she had been consoled by a visit from the great reformer of the Carmel. Showing her dozens of children of many colors St. Teresa had said, "I will be the protectress of your Order." Anne understood that yet another piece of the plan was being revealed to her through this not-so-humble priest. "As you wish, Father," she said. Eventually, the chapel would give its name to the Congregation soon to be born. Thus, St. Joseph has been known as the patron and provider of the congregation from its very foundation. This feast of St. Joseph is celebrated throughout the congregation. May St. Joseph's simple humility, listening heart and deep faith be ours as we continue the journey.

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