Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Louise Costley


Our Spirit in Action
Louise Costley began as a Cluny School parent and volunteer; then became an employee as the school secretary; and has been a Cluny Affiliate for many years. She treasures her relationship with us. Here is her testimony:

The Cluny Sisters l have known for many years have shown me the path followed by Blessed Anne Marie, the same path that Jesus asked us to follow. 
            Following that path doesn’t mean you have to do heroic things.  It can be as simple as hugging a child with a splinter who is in pain or giving someone a ride. The lesson that the sisters have taught me through their charism is that sometimes an ordinary person can do extraordinary things with just a smile, a handshake, a hug or a simple prayer.
            Over the years I have prayed with my Cluny Sisters many times in sorrow, in joy, in laughter and in hope.  When my eyes close for the last time I hope that my God will know I tried my best, and that my Sisters will be praying me home!

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