Monday, March 5, 2018

“Stop making my Father’s house

a marketplace!”

Jesus is in the Temple, the place of sacred relationship with the Father. What surrounds Jesus there is the business and busyness of the marketplace., sellers and buyer, money changers and the ‘noise’ of consumers.

This week’s Lenten challenge is to recognize the sacredness of our own being, the temple of God, and take inventory of this temple of our lives.

What is at the core and center of our lives?  Is it the sacred relationship with the Father, with our neighbor, and with our self?  Is it the consumerism that surrounds us and has crept into our very core consuming us?

“Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Has the frenetic busyness of the marketplace taken over the call to follow Jesus or does our discipleship make holy the marketplace in which we live and move as a follower of Jesus?

Lenten Practice

Do one action, make one decision to stop making the core of my existence a marketplace. Pray, fast and do good to others.  Take time out of a busy week to nurture the sacred relationships of your life.

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