Saturday, February 10, 2018

Premiere of new film, ‘Stopping Traffic’

Sadhvi Siddhali Shree, a past Cluny Student at Sts. Peter & Paul school in Wilmington, California often stays with the Cluny Sisters when she is in southern California.  Her personal story is quite unique.
She is the first North American Jain female-monk, a US Army Iraq veteran, international speaker, author, documentarian, and an activist for social justice. Driven by her deep-seated devotion to humanity, she uses her talents and skills to raise awareness about violence in the world and ways to change it. She serves as the Spiritual Director of Siddhayatan Tirth and International Society of Human Unity’s Director. She’s passionate about social movements that focus on non-violence, human rights, gender equality, trafficking, and the youth.
Her latest work is the STOPPING TRAFFIC film.

Invited to the Hollywood Premiere of the flim, Cluny Sisters Genevieve Marie Vigil and Mary J. Glynn were pleased to attend. The movement to end the modern-day evil of human trafficking is in accord with the Cluny Sisters’ international charism of liberation and the commitment made by the 2,500 Cluny Sisters around the world at their 2012 General Chapter in Paris, France.

In the release of the film, Sadhvi Siddhali Shree said: “Thank you for contributing to Stopping Traffic through your stories, advice, music, talents, donation, energy, passion, time, positive thoughts, and attending our events. Because of you, all of this is possible. We're so humbled by your support, encouragement, love, and kindness. Please keep us, Stopping Traffic, and all those who are fighting in your thoughts and prayers”.

 "Stopping Traffic" is an award-winning documentary that aims to educate and unite people together to end human trafficking in our lifetime.

"Stopping Traffic" shines a light on the shadowy underworld of human slavery in order to combat the $150 billion industry that enslaves over 45 million souls today. Now available on demand. Do your part. Watch the @stoppingtrafficfilm. Get educated. Be inspired. Take action. Learn more:

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