Saturday, December 23, 2017

Desire of All our Hearts

O Come, O Come…
        O Wisdom,
                 O Lord, O Root of Jesse,
                          O Key of David,
        O Splendor of Light,
                 O King of all Nations,
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, God with us.

During this last week of Advent we cry out in Hope for the birth of Jesus!  We know that with Jesus our life is very different.  With his birth we are saved, healed and made whole once again.  In the story, Joseph listens to the voice in a dream directing him.  Mary conceives by the Holy Spirit and gives her own flesh for the life of the world.  How are we preparing for this birth, this Incarnation of God’s love made manifest in our lives and our own world?

O Come,
        all you faithful, joyful and triumphant!  
O Come,
        Come to Bethlehem.
O Come
        Behold him, adore him.
O Come,
        Greet him now in flesh appearing … Christ the Lord!

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