Monday, November 23, 2015

Awareness  : In Plain Sight, But Hidden Exploitation
  • From Guatemala to the US for Work
  • Exploitation of Temporary Visa Holders
  • Labor Trafficking and Temporary Work Visas
  • Human Trafficking Survivor Suffers Further Wage Theft
  • Help to Persons Entering the U.S. on Temporary Visas

Advocacy    : 
  • SB 657: Why Businesses Have a Stake in Supply Chain Transparency
  • Working Against Labor Trafficking in Europe
  • Palo Alto, CA & Super Bowl 50
  • Corporate Stance Against Human Trafficking
  • 'Collaborating Against Human Trafficking: Cross-Sector Challenges and Practices'

Action         :

  • Business Sustainability Begins With Fair Hiring
  • Brazil and U/S. Labor

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