Wednesday, September 25, 2013


  • Organ trafficking is a growing victimization of society's most vulnerable.
  • Migrant workers are often abused by employers or trafficked by labor recruiters. 

Advocacy   :

  • Verite  created the 'Help wanted' Toolkit to help suppliers of goods in the global economy fight forced labor in their supply chain.
  • An immigration reform bill, which includes measures to strengthen regulation of foreign labor recruiters, is stalled in congress.
  • The Polaris Project published a state-by-state ranking of legislation that has taken place to address 10 categories related to human trafficking.

Action        :

  • A coalition of Catholic nuns responds to the rise in incidents of human trafficking around large sporting events by contacting the hospitality industry involved with the 2013 America's Cup Finals yacht races to encourage local managers to train personnel to recognize and report incidences of human trafficking.
  • Consumer tools to help evaluate supply chains
  • Sisters of the Holy Cross take a stand against human traficking

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