Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Partnership for Global Justice (our NGO) has sent the following Lenten resource to us. We would like to share it with you.

EcoLenten Series
The Passionist Earth and Spirit Center has developed a Lenten Series that focuses on God’s creation.  Lent 4.5 identifies Christian Simplicity as a meaningful way to experience Lent and informs and inspires communities on how to use prayer, fasting and almsgiving to care for God’s creation. The title “Lent 4.5” refers to our pattern of consumption in that from 4.5 acres each of us would have to find everything we need to support our life:  food, home, energy, transportation, clothing, appliances, cars and gadgets.  Topics such as: Compassionate Living, Food buying and consumption, Water conserving and protecting, Energy efficient and clean, and Transportation, are offered as weekly themes. Each weekly theme has five pages: 
  • Introducing the Issue
  • Action Steps – What You Can Do
  • What the Church is Saying – Catholic Church 
  • What the Churches are Saying – Christian Churches
  • Steps Continued – Additional Resources
May your lenten journey be filled with grace!

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